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that the MOT test is not only the appropriate test for business method
ProMOTe published a report, which shows that despite the Government's intention to help motorists cut costs - any saving to the motorist in terms of fees resulting from the scrapping of annual MOT tests would be far outweighed by the likely increases in insurance premiums and increased repairs costs.
It's best to view the annual MoT test as a sensible opportunity to have your vehicle examined by an expert to ensure that it meets all safety and legal requirements.
Latest figures reveal that more than eight million vehicles failed the MoT test last year, forcing the vehicle owner to pay for the test to be retaken.
The research has been carried out in partnership with car manufacturers and their dealer networks throughout the UK, including Sinclair KODA in Swansea, as part of the industry's 'Minute Or Two' initiative, which encourages motorists to carry out 10 simple visual checks of their vehicle prior to the MOT test.
The findings are highlighted as part of the automotive industry's 'Minute Or Two' campaign, which encourages motorists to carry out 10 visual checks of their vehicle prior to the MOT test.
Auto Business News-October 19, 2012--Vauxhall launches new MOT Test insurance product(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Less testing times ahead CLASSIC and historic vehicles, so often well maintained by their owners and with a much lower accident rate than newer cars, are to be exempt from the MoT test.
The survey, by Halfords Autocentres, reveals that 11 million drivers fail to prepare for the annual MOT test.
Sylwester Ruszczyk, 25, of Lansdowne Street, Hillfields, was found guilty of driving without a licence, failing to produce a licence, driving without insurance, driving without an MOT test certificate, failing to produce an MOT test certificate and failing to stop at a red light.
Members whose vehicles are approaching their first MOT test or have Saab vehicles over three years old can download a voucher from the Saab Service Club website and contact the dealership to book their free test.
Having to have an annual MOT test for a vehicle which may only travel 100 miles in a year is an unnecessary bureaucratic hurdle.