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What's more, hardware-based MPCs will keep that pace when MPOA matures.
It supports the recently standardized MPOA, an open standard that integrates with existing Ethernet infrastructures.
MPOA provides the AtM-based, connection-oriented path required for realizing the benefits of AtM -- for example, QoS.
At the heart of Hacienda's network is Newbridge's Vivid family of products based on a prestandard release of MPOA.
The result of work by a subgroup in the ATM Forum, MPOA allows Layer 3 network layer routing over ATM and enables companies to leverage ATM's benefits, including Quality of Service and data forwarding.
These ATM OC-12 dual-PHY uplink modules provide high-performance LANE and MPOA services for mixed media backbones requiring both frame and ATM-based connectivity.
Moreover, they are optimized to extend the switches' abilities now to perform high-speed MPOA (Multiprotocol Over ATM) forwarding of Ethernet traffic.