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LANE virtual network deal so level 2 and MPOA virtual network level 3 (routing), the specifications are set by ATM forum.
Microinjection of the dopamine antagonist cis-flupenthixol into the MPOA impairs copulation, penile movements, and sexual motivation in the rat.
MPOA Clients (MPCs) will spot flows, request short cuts, and reframe packets.
It supports the recently standardized MPOA, an open standard that integrates with existing Ethernet infrastructures.
FORE utilized the ForeRunner(R) ASX(TM)-1000 ATM Backbone Switch, the ForeRunnerLE(TM) 155 ATM Workgroup Switch, the ES-3810 Ethernet Workgroup Switch and the ForeRunner ASN(TM)-9000 MPOA Route Server.
Like any other technology, MPOA is designed to solve a problem.
The new functionality includes added capabilities to the MPOA server found on ATM-equipped routers and a tighter integration with NetID for efficient IP address management via DHCP.
Based on an ATM Forum protocol development activity known as MPOA (multi-protocol over ATM), the switched router allows IP-based applications to run over ATM switches.
Software stacks such as PPPoE, PPPoA, MPOA and IP routing protocol, are available to facilitate faster software development cycles and speed time to market for designers of CPE equipment.
Multiple ForeRunner ASN(TM)-9000 services nodes provide route serving for LAN emulation (LANE), MPOA required to support more than 100 IP subnets, and other network services.
One player for the ATM team who might get those fans excited is MPOA (Multi-Protocol Over ATM), a standards set that makes possible a "virtual router" approach.