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This is a 20-item instrument designed to measure Machiavellianism, with higher scores on this scale indicating lower ethical standards.
Adjustment was made for the three covariates; gender, family size, race-ethnicity because they proved to have the most influence on Machiavellianism and sales volume.
Machiavellianism, Locus of control, Dogmatism, and the Intolerance of Ambiguity scales were used as measurement instruments.
Aristotelianism and Machiavellianism are not a viable combination.
There he had mastered the arts of party apparatus intrigue, which makes Machiavellianism look like child's play" (p 498), and
Craig, in fact, sees him as "a casebook illustration of how not to succeed in establishing oneself as a new prince" (34), his downfall coming at least partly as a result of not being Machiavellian enough, even though Craig also agrees with a widespread critical consensus that amoral Machiavellianism in the service of nothing higher than vanity is ineluctably self-destructive.
Machiavellianism has been defined as "a strategy of social conduct that involves manipulating others for personal gain, often against the other's self-interest" (Wilson et al.
18) mentions an author who "half-jokingly" refers to such intentional projections of political discursive innovation, as "applied Machiavellianism," which doesn't seem so far fetched from a critical examination of the case at hand.
Libertarian Machiavellianism probably sometimes ought to promulgate and manipulate TPR to effect reform, enhance order, or win an election, but doing so is a matter of exigent political strategy.
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