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Whether it is the simple deed of spreading intrigues against a person, or the more serious act of implicating someone in a crime that he has not committed, incriminatory machinations blemish an individual's character and may eventually ruin a person's life," she added.
These machinations have had a corrosive impact on the basic levels of trust that need to exist between a council, its members, staff, residents and users.
Since Dana has no interest in the political machinations of the Fae or in the potential of her rare powers, she is little more than a pawn shuffled from place to place.
Imagine Shakespeare without the blood, drama, political machinations and sexual intrigue.
O'Donnell clearly and accurately describes the Coalition and Iraqi Government's inept political machinations of September and October that led to RCT-1's finally being tasked to clear the city.
Set in the old west in the United States territory of Alaska, Cry of the Goshawk follows its pious young lead as he learns to love the beauty and wonder of the wild, a passion he retains even as he tries to adapt to the complicated machinations of society.
The program was enacted in 2002 with the advent of No Child Left Behind regulations but held up by Washington political machinations, he says.
In her desperate struggle to finger the true thief and protect herself from the machinations of a criminal empire, she meets Colt, a retired street hustler with the latest information on everybody and everything.
The desperate social-climbing machinations of Schultz's Murk (who does a mean Sinatra lip sync) are matched, after intermission, by Ben Cain, George Ketsios, Schultz and especially Wheeler as the disreputable denizens of Glubb's Gin Mill.
Chapters probe possible hidden machinations behind key events from the Kennedy assassination to election 2000 to conspiracy questions about the September 11th attacks, to valuable advice for using the Freedom of Information Act to glean vital data from national archives.
Left over from successive developer and local authority machinations, the site, in the Moto-Azabu district, was still too valuable to waste.
But for those steeped in the extraordinary mechanisms and machinations of pre-Vatican II theology, limbo is kind of an outer precinct of heaven, close but not quite the real thing, where good people who, through no fault of their own, never got their ticket to heaven punched by Baptism.