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The complete and absolute ownership of land. Also the real estate so owned. The inherent sovereign power claimed by the legislature of a state, of controlling private property for public uses, is termed the right of eminent domain.

National domain is sometimes applied to the aggregate of the property owned directly by a nation. Public domain embraces all lands, the title to which is in the United States, including land occupied for the purposes of federal buildings, arsenals, dock-yards, and so on, and land of an agricultural or mineral character not yet granted to private owners.

Sphere of influence. Range of control or rule; realm.


(Land owned), noun alodium, demesne, freehold, hereditament, holding, land, manor, possessio, property, real estate, real property, realty, seigniory, tenure
Associated concepts: eminent domain


(Sphere of influence), noun bailiwick, dominion, jurisdiction, kingdom, province, realm, seigniory, territory
Associated concepts: private domain, public domain
See also: ambit, area, bailiwick, capacity, circuit, coverage, demesne, department, district, dominion, freehold, holding, jurisdiction, land, locality, possessions, property, province, real estate, realm, region, right, scope, sphere, territory, title

DOMAIN. It signifies sometimes, dominion, territory governed - sometimes, possession, estate - and sometimes, land about the mansion house of a lord. By domain is also understood the right to dispose at our pleasure of what belongs to us.
     2. A distinction, has been made between property and domain. The former is said to be that quality which is conceived to be in the thing itself, considered as belonging to such or such person, exclusively of all others. By the latter is understood that right which the owner has of disposing of the thing. Hence domain and property are said to be correlative terms; the one is the active right to dispose, the other a passive quality which follows the thing, and places it at the disposition of the owner. 3 Toull. n. 8 3. But this distinction is too subtle for practical use. Puff. Droit de la Nature et des Gens, loi 4, c. 4, Sec. 2. Vide 1 B1. Com. 105, 106; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 456; Clef des Lois Rom. h.t.; Domat, h.t.; 1 Hill. Ab. 24; 2 Hill. Ab. 237; and Demesne as Of fee; Property; Things.

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Until now it hasn't been obvious how one could control magnetic domain walls reversibly and predictably using electric fields.
Stress can change certain features of some magnetic domains to influence [H.
This phenomenon of spontaneously broken rotational symmetry or creation of a spin directional order explains ferromagnetism-the familiar microscopic magnetism of magnets made of many internal magnetic domains.
The magnetic domain structures for two Fe-Si NO strips cut at 0[degrees] with the rolling direction (RD) in demagnetized state can be observed in figure 5.
They warn that current magnetic-recording methods are approaching fundamental limits on how quickly magnetic domains can reverse and how closely they can squeeze together.
4]/NiO superlattices reveal that the exchange biasing is correlated with "frozen" magnetic domain walls within the antiferromagnetic NiO layers (58).
In fact, Bazylinski says, a single magnetic domain size has been found for all the greigite components exaeined.
Neptune was the last official objective on the list, though Voyager 2 could add another feat if it can still report back to Earth when it crosses the heliopause, the boundary where the sun's magnetic domain, or magnetosphere, runs into charged particles coming this way from distant stars.
The strata intersected, in what is termed the eastern magnetic domain, confirms the existence of the expected intrusive sequence.
At about 150 [degrees] C, however, the coercive force required to flip the domain falls to almost zero, and the bias field is strong enough to reorient the magnetic domain.
A Magneto-Optical Kerr Microscope And Magnetometer System Is Required To Facilitate The Visualisation Of Magnetic Domains And Magnetization Processes.
The nonmagnetic layer can then influence the magnetic one, with electric fields in the nonmagnetic layer pushing around the magnetic domains in the magnetic layer.