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With inbuilt features like monitoring body vitals, chromo therapy, adjustable base, anti snoring (first mattress in the world to stop snoring while asleep) and zero gravity (most comfortable position known to the world as of today which is exact same position in which a child remains in a mother's womb, known to completely distress one), Magni SmarTech has taken the concept of healthy lifestyle in a technological world to another level.
determine whether the site it directs to is malicious, Magni explains.
Italy is deep in an economic crisis and needs to sell," said Magni.
Evgenija Ilieva, former First Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia to the Holy See, received the Pontifical Medal, Dominam Commendatariam Ordinis Sancti Gregorii Magni, which, based on a decision of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, was for the first time awarded to a female diplomat from the Republic of Macedonia.
Este poema y el "Himno de los bosques" cantan las magni ficencias del paisaje y el animo del poeta esta acorde con ellos.
Wietse de Boer presents to us the memoirs of Girolamo Magni, a parish priest from near Pistoia in Tuscany, born in 1531, whose account of his life up to 1595 (comprising hundreds of folios) makes mention neither of the Council of Trent nor of the pastoral visitation that took place in his parish in 1570, though--according to de Boer--this apparent indifference did not prevent Magni from passing the latter "with a decent grade" (377).
69) However, in response to a Forest Service request for clarification, Magni "apologize[d] if our presentation led you to believe that we were offering merely a level of effort of hours rather than deliverable results.
Magni Agustsson; editor, Fessenden; music, Jeff Grace; ambient score, Anton Sanko; production designer, Halfdan Larus Pedersen; costume designer, Helga Stefansdottir; sound (Dolby), Tom Effinger, Abigail Savage; VFX supervisor, Glenn McQuaid; special makeup FX, Stefan Jorgen Agustsson; assistant directors, Rannveig Jonsdottir, Halfdan Theodorsson; second unit directors, Glenn McQuaid, Thor S.
Carlo won second place in the collegiate level of the 2003 MTNA National Student Composition Competition, and his work Sfogato for Solo Flute was recorded on Magni Publications with flutist Iwona Glinka.
Even on Saturdays and Sundays I can't spare the time to take a siesta," says Daniel Magni, 16.
accessit Periplus Ohtheri ut et Wulfstani eorum in ultimam plagam septentrionis et mare Balthicum, jussu Alfredi Magni Anglorum regis factis, anglo-saxonice et latine (Copenhagen: C.
The Vita Karoli Magni ("Life of Charles the Great"; Life of Charlemagne) was probably written about 830-833, after Einhard had left Aachen and was living in Seligenstadt.