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Ordinary watercourses are watercourses that are not part of a main river and include streams, ditches, drains, cuts, culverts, dykes, sluices, sewers (other than public sewers) and passages, through which water flows.
The clean-up will cover the rivers Llynfi, Irfon, Ithon and Edw as well as the main River Wye between Builth Wells and Hay on Wye.
A single worm or a bunch of worms in the salmon season, is usually ledgered here either in the main river or in the stream.
The Illey Brook has been designated main river from where it joins the River Stour up to the A456 culvert.
The Environment Agency began cleaning the Sowe at the head of the main river in Bedworth and worked downstream to the Avon.
His corpse was dragged from the city's main river and cut up by pathologists before being stored in the new Soviet regime's archives.
Rocks in the main river current can break a leg, so finding a calm eddy before the next set of rapids is essential if you're a ``carp.
The next several days portend near-normal precipitation for the main river basins serving Seattle City Light hydro projects.
Unless specified otherwise, all work on the main river bridge and the Pennsylvania approach will conform
They will then follow the cycle route along the north side of the main River Tyne through to the Millennium Bridge at Newcastle by the end of the third day, and complete the walk to Tynemouth in the fourth and final stage.
Bangkok: Floods engulfing parts of the Thai capital should start to recede soon, the prime minister said Saturday after barriers along Bangkok s swollen main river prevented a disastrous overflow.
Attempts a couple of decades ago to solve the problem had failed due to the extreme acidity and volume of the discharge; the poor buffering capacity of the main river having little effect as its low base status itself drains naturally acid moorland," he said.