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Potentially lethal chip pans are seen as a main enemy to safety and should be destroyed - so the army in York was drafted in to put them out of action once and for all.
Ethiopia's main enemy remains poverty, which the government and people are fighting together.
The US citizen-taxpayer is funding a $500 billion a year national security system that is based on the Cold War industrial security model, which assumed that the main enemy was Russia, and that only massive spending on very expensive strategic nuclear and precision conventional weapons systems could protect the Nation.
TODAY, THE RUSSIAN ARTIST'S MAIN enemy, the Soviet power, has fled," he said, "but the inner world, where the artist battles with himself, has remained.
He said a 'concerted effort' from Western societies meant Islam had now replaced Communism as the main enemy of the West.
In the past, he contends, the conduct of operations focused on massing the largest possible force against the main enemy army and destroying it, although here he puts too much blame on Carl von Clausewitz for a trend that owed more to the development of railways, mobilization plans, and myopic general staffs.
In the past 2 years, the Polk County, Florida, Sheriffs Office realized that time represented its main enemy when hiring both officers and civilians.
The praxis of the Negro People's Front, which was premised upon a non-antagonistic relation between black entrepreneurship and Communist organizing, resulted largely from the World War II-era CPUSA's estimate that the main enemy was no longer capital as such, but only its "reactionary" wing.
His was a non-doctrinal position akin to Pelagianism, and, while he detested Presbyterians, the sects, and the Roman church, his main enemy, according to Letwin, was a pantheistic belief that human nature was imprinted on the material world, Opposing religious absolutes, he subordinated belief to the absolutism of the secular sovereign.
IT'S not over yet, and Dick Advocaat knows that the main enemy for his Rangers side will be complacency.
Its main enemy consists of former Western colonial powers, which the movement views as having spread Western "secular values" in an attempt to destroy traditional Islamic religious ones.
Other pieces of the sagebrush agenda suggest that government in principle is not the West's main enemy.