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MAJOR GENERAL. A military officer, commanding a division or number of regiments; the next in rank below a lieutenant general.

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Principal Sadiq Public School Mian Mohammad Ahmad gave school crest to GOC Maj Gen Moazzam Ejaz.
It [has] helped to reduce crime rates," Maj Gen Al Merri said.
Others were the Commander of King Khaled Air Base in Khamis Mushait Maj Gen Sulaiman Al-Fayez, Deputy Commander of Joint Operations Maj Gen Abdallah Al-Ghamdi and Commander of the Saudi Southern Region Maj Gen Abdallah Al-Qafari.
One of only two policemen serving Dubai Police from the time of the British era (the other being Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security), Maj Gen Rafei, Director-General of the Department of Community Services, has seen a lot while policing the world's fastest growing city.
Maj Gen Kochekkan, while denying the charges made by the NSCN (K), made it clear that his frequent meetings with leaders of both the factions were necessitated following the split in the NSCN (K) on June 7.
Bully" Yeoman Warder Mark Sanders-Crook was sacked over the case, but Maj Gen Cima criticised Royal Palaces management for agreeing an out of court settlement and formally apologising to him.
The British commander of ISAF forces in the south of Afghanistan, Maj Gen Nick Carter, "assesses that the dislocation effect that the initial phases of the operation certainly achieved among the Taliban of the area remains very much the case", said Maj Gen Messenger.
Maj Gen "Hamidi" assured during this tour which was accompanied by the Coordinator of Social People's Leadership at Tripoli Shabiat, head of the General Federation, many of the engineers and specialists supervisors on the project.
A 27-year member of ASMC, Maj Gen Faykes sits on the ASMC Certification Commission.
Australian officer Maj Gen Peter Cosgrove met the commander of the withdrawing Indonesian forces, preparing the way for the main body of troops.
Vice Marshal (Retd) Hassan Rana, the 2nd position won by Maj Gen (Retd) Mohammad Tahir and 3rd position got by Maj Gen Omer Farooq Barki.
So they asked him if they can take a photograph with him and he agreed," Maj Gen Al Mazeina said.