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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

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The group is believed to have sanctuaries there Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz conveyed Pakistan's "strong protest and serious concern" to Afghan Foreign Minister Zarar Maqbool Osmani at a meeting on the sidelines of a Saarc ministerial meeting in Male, Maldives.
Zarar Maqbool Osmani today in Male, Maldives where both were attending the SRC Ministerial meeting," a Foreign Ministry statement said.
Foreign Office spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said that the protest was conveyed by Sartaj Aziz, Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, to the Afghan Foreign Minister Zarar Maqbool Osmani at Male, Maldives where both were attending the SRC ministerial meeting.
ISLAMABAD -- The 7th Conference of the Association of SAARC Speakers and Parliamentarians was inaugurated in an impressive ceremony held in Male, Maldives, on Saturday.
MALE, Maldives (TAP) - A presidential poll due to be held on Saturday in the Maldives has been halted at the last minute after police surrounded the office used by election officials and stopped them from working.
MALE, Maldives -- The first democratically elected president of the Maldives, who was ousted from power last year, faces a runoff after falling short of a clear majority in the first round of Indian Ocean archipelago's presidential election.
Print Share: A Maldivian woman casts her vote in Male, Maldives, Sept.