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com/blog/2013/08/02/dragon-lady/) research which highlighted the highly organised, complex and profitable nature of Android malware development taking place in Russia.
In China, malware is mainly spread through forums, ROM updates, and third-party app stores, according to NetQin.
Developed by Lexsi Group, Malware-Control is a corporate malware blacklist that protects enterprise organizations from targeted attacks.
In 2012, we began seeing financial malware developing native 64-bit Windows capabilities.
After completing the Lunarline Malware Analysis Course, students will be qualified cyber ninja's who understand the intricate components of malware and have the skills necessary to investigate and respond to targeted cyber threats.
Malware Holds Your PC for Ransom: Ransomware is nothing new--it's been around for a few years in various forms, including fake antivirus software that won't go away unless you pay up.
As smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system become ever more popular, cyber criminals are increasingly relying on mobile devices for spreading malware code.
Websites with malicious reputations are influenced by the hosting of malware, potentially unwanted programs, or phishing sites.
For example, one of the types of malware that is described on the new Malware.
Sunbelt no longer considers Fast Browser Search to be any kind of malware or other type of software that users should block or remove.
McAfee today released the McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2012 , which exposes an increase in malware across all platforms.
SnoopWall's warning is independently validated by alarming research published last week in the Alcatel-Lucent Kindsight Security Labs Malware Report - Q2 2013 which reported a sixfold increase in the number of Android malware samples and a projection that 10% of home networks and over 0.