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The same pros and cons generally apply to duvets too, although man-made fibres tend to give a wider range of tog values to choose from.
This report includes statistical data and analysis of global trends in man-made fibre production.
Competition from man-made fibres and concerns over stocks, including those in the textile pipeline, have also kept down wool prices.
It represents the world's first man-made fibre derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources.
So whether you are involved in man-made fibres, nonwovens or technical textiles - in manufacturing, converting, import/export, or end use - or if you are in education or consultancy or investment or finance - a subscription to Technical Textile Markets will tell you what you need to know about the key trends in the industry.
This report includes statistical data and analyses of mill consumption of textile fibres as well as man-made fibre production and trade covering the period 2005-10.
This report reviews and analyses several papers presented at the congress on key topics -- including cotton and man-made fibre demand to 2060 by country and region, and future limitations on the supply of cotton.
This year's update contains analysis and insight into the USA's top ten foreign suppliers of textiles and clothing for 2010 and early 2011, along with more specific information on cotton coats, wool coats, cotton dresses, cotton knitted shirts, cotton woven shirts, cotton skirts, man-made fibre skirts, cotton trousers, blue denim trousers, cotton and man-made fibre baby garments, cotton pile towels, and other cotton apparel.
Analyses of developments in the nonwovens industry, in the man-made fibre industry, and in a wide range of new and traditional end use markets