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An Inter-Ministerial Synergy Group on Man-Made Fibre (MMF) comprising senior officers from Ministry of Petrochemicals; Department of Heavy Industries; Association of Synthetic Fibre Industry; Chairman, SRTEPC; Chairman, Indian Technical Textile Association; and ED, SRTEPC has been set up under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Textiles to formulate policy interventions to enhance growth and competitiveness of MMF industry in India.
80 percent cotton and 20 percent man-made fibres being used as against global trend 70 percent man-made fibres and 30 percent cotton.
We get comments from our customers every day saying that once they have discovered silk they won't go back to wearing man-made fibres against their skin," says David.
Prices differ widely though and there are added variables like man-made fibres versus feathers, down versus hollow fibre and polyester versus cotton.
Depending on its application, exclusive developments are part of the standard equipment of this high production - T-Con, the optimisation tool for cards, MAGNOTOP, the magnetic fastening system for flat tops, NEPCONTROL, the online nep monitoring, and TC 8-1S Plus, the special card for man-made fibres.
In USA the consumption of cotton is only 30% while that of man-made fibre is 70%.
com/research/sq2fvx/statistics_trends) has announced the addition of Textiles Intelligence's new report "Statistics: Trends in Man-Made Fibre Production, 2nd quarter 2012 Edition" to their offering.
The takeover of Austrian man-made fibre companyLenzing AG by consultancy firm CVC Capital Partners Group Ltd (CVC) is be the subject of a detailed inquiry by the European Commission, it was announced late on June 22.
It was also of great satisfaction that substantial increase in ceiling of man-made fibre apparels to the US would result in increase of our exports of MMF textiles to that country.
All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Chairman Tariq Saud has urged the government to immediately impose a 15% Regulatory Duty on the import of man-made fibre (MMF) yarns, particularly polyester viscose yarn, polyester cotton yarn and pure polyester yarn.
This market research report package offers an in-depth perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for man-made fibre markets in top 10 countries around the world.