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25%: We have a talent management strategy, but face challenges in its implementation.
The above observations lead to the conclusion that--from the standpoint of risk reduction containment and perpetual stewardship as a DNAPL site management strategy is not easily justifiable.
While it is a key responsibility of the CIO to ensure that technology and the associated recordkeeping systems to support it are in place, it is within the purview of the RIM staff to define the records management strategy needed to enhance customer service.
With that standards base, Sprint is positioned to follow through on the fourth phase of its network management strategy -- the commitment to interface Insite Executive with other vendor network management systems such as IBM's NetView.
Your storage management strategy can impact your bottom line by reducing costs and by optimizing the IT processed that make money, too.
Only a few (10%) have incorporated virtualization as part of an overarching IT portfolio management strategy, although 80% are beginning to make the effort to coordinate.
The Verona roll-out serves as an example of how GSK is pushing e-procurement capabilities further into the business and instituting a global content management strategy in order to gain even greater efficiencies and savings.
Integrating Health Coaching Into a Comprehensive Health Management Effort, a November 15, 2006 audio conference on CD-ROM, provides an inside look at how health coaching programs can best be integrated into an overall health management strategy.
The session entitled "Measuring the Effectiveness of Change: Business Process Management Strategy," will be held on November 14 at 10:30 - 11:45 a.
SRG Implements Intellectual Property Management Strategy

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