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Marburg virus infection detected in a common African bat.
Extrapolating backwards using these rates indicates that EBOV and Marburg virus diverged from a common viral ancestor approximately 700-850 years ago.
The Marburg virus was responsible for an outbreak of haemorrhagic illness in Germany and the former Yugoslavia in the 1960s, following importation of monkeys from Africa for research purposes.
The Marburg virus causes a severe and contagious disease that leads to hemorrhagic fever.
A traveller arriving by aircraft in South Africa from Angola has been tested for the Marburg virus.
A researcher at the centre died in 1988 of the Marburg virus, which destroys all internal organs.
Soviet defectors soon outlined how the Marxist state had produced thousands of metric tons of genetically engineered bubonic plague and antibiotic-resistant anthrax, in addition to hundreds of tons of smallpox, encephalitis, and the Marburg virus.
Filoviruses, such as Ebola virus and Marburg virus, and poxviruses, including smallpox, pose a potential biological warfare or bioterrorism threat.
This is also a gripping and frightening story about weapons that could have sent millions to unspeakably gruesome deaths, their tissues dissolving and blood oozing from their nose, mouth, and genitals--as a colleague of Alibek's dies after accidentally injecting himself with the Marburg virus, or suffocating from pulmonary anthrax, as untold dozens of Russians did when spores were accidentally released into the atmosphere from a secret plant in Sverdlovsk in June 1979.
Marburg Virus Disease - also known as "green monkey disease" and "vervet monkey disease" - causes bleeding from every open orifice of the body.
Presence and persistence of Ebola or Marburg virus in patients and survivors: a rapid systematic review.
WHO is working to contain an outbreak of Marburg virus disease (MVD) that has appeared in eastern Uganda on the border with Kenya.