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Mr Marchant claims an email was sent by a superior to a colleague - with 10 other DWP employees copied in - which contained 'sensitive' medical information, which he had requested stayed confident.
Si es evidente, si se ofrece a la vista, tambien es cierto: "Las cosas que digo son ciertas" se titula uno de los mas importantes poemas de Blanca Varela, sin duda una referencia crucial, desde varios puntos de vista, para la escritura de Marchant (4).
The heavily intoxicated trio piled into the car, before Marchant produced the knife saying "take me straight home".
There's nothing wrong with going in and saying how we feel about it," Marchant said.
With lively, clear prose, Marchant surveys the evidence for the mind-body connection.
Mrs Marchant, 69, of Almondbury, led the amalgamation of the former Huddersfield and Dewsbury courts into the new Kirklees Magistrates Courts.
Marchant typically gets involved once a mistake already has beer made.
Neil Connell, defending, agreed and the case against Marchant was dropped.
Mr Marchant spent 19 years in local government, working with Leeds City Council before joining Capita in 1990.
The company's annual report revealed Ian Marchant took home a whopping PS2.
Chief executive Ian Marchant is set to walk away from the company with a pension pot of between PS9million and PS15million.
Countless customers were ripped off and Marchant looks set for an eye-watering PS15million when he steps down.