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SHIPWRECK. The loss of a vessel at sea, either. by being swallowed up by the waves, by running against another vessel or thing at sea, or on the coast. Vide Naufrage; Wreck.

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This meeting will contribute and help in crafting a template on techniques, tactics and procedures that will be used to responding to maritime disasters," he said.
The judge said that the crash qualifies as a maritime disaster because a part of the aircraft sank in "navigable waters" and the crash could have affected maritime commerce.
A LIVERPOOL service remembered the lives lost in Britain's worst maritime disaster.
It could be the worst maritime disaster in China since 1948, when a steamship blew up on the Huangpu River, killing more than 1,000 people.
The last big maritime disaster in East Asia was the sinking of a ferry in South Korea last year that killed 304 people, most of them teenagers on a school trip.
The country is mourning the deaths of more than 300 people who drowned when a heavily overloaded ferry capsized and sank on April 16, the country's worst maritime disaster in 20 years.
It is alarming just quite how many problems there were on the night, opportunities that were missed that could have led to the incident not happening at all, and once it had happened, the delays in the rescue operation which could have led to this being a much more serious maritime disaster.
The big difference between now and the maritime disaster a century ago is that this coalition was formed so that the ship of state could be steered away from the rocks of recession.
Contrary to popular perception, a new study has revealed that men - including crew - are much more likely to survive maritime disaster than women and children.
Owing to the scale of the tragedy, Winston Churchill forbade publication of the news, in the interests of public morale, and hence the story of the Lancastria has never been generally known, although it is considered Britain's worst maritime disaster.
Schettino, who has commanded the vessel since it was built in 2006, denies he is to blame for the maritime disaster, claiming nautical maps did not show the underwater rocks.

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