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The INRO (International Natural Rubber Organization) Daily Market Indicator Price (figure 1) DMIP 80-99 is the benchmark for the market intervention; it is expressed equally in Malaysian ringgit sens and Singapore dollar cents.
The one positive market indicator was net absorption, which totaled 1.
The Rate Index Market Indicator illustrates hard and soft markets by graphing rate increases and decreases.
Indeed, most market indicators point to the bullish trend continuing for a while, with a few breathers.
Singular Research Major Market Indicators fell into the bearish range to 49.
The minister said that the report indicates that one of the most important labour market indicators, the rate of unemployment, has shrunk from 4.
The telecom sector is a significant factor contributing to Bahrain's national wealth and represents four per cent of Bahrain's 2011 gross domestic product, says the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority's (TRA) seventh market indicators report.
These market indicators point to the strength of the residential sales market in Manhattan.
The evidence accumulated over the intermeeting period shows that spending is firming, although labor market indicators are mixed.
Labour market indicators in 2001 represented a vast improvement over those recorded in May 2000 in the northeast.
Each issue of World Fuels Today, which is sent via e-mail, includes charts and graphs analyzing different market indicators such as crude oil, gasoline, distillates, fuel and oxygenates.
The full market indicators report can be viewed on TRA website at www.