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Singular Research Major Market Indicators fell into the bearish range to 49.
The minister said that the report indicates that one of the most important labour market indicators, the rate of unemployment, has shrunk from 4.
The latest report contains market indicators for last year until the second quarter of this year.
The full market indicators report can be viewed on TRA website at www.
Market indicators are trending positive throughout New Jersey's 20 submarkets through the third quarter of 2000.
39 Table: Stock Market Indicators 40 Table: Balance Sheet (UAHmn) 41 Table: Balance Sheet (US$mn) .
Indeed, most market indicators point to the bullish trend continuing for a while, with a few breathers.
18 Table: Prescription Drug Market Indicators, Historical Data And Forecasts (Canada 2010-2018) .
21 Prescription Drug Market Forecast 21 Table: UK Prescription Drug Market Indicators, Historical Data and Forecasts.