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In the context of federal regulation of the purchase and sale of Securities, anyone who has knowledge of facts not available to the general public.

Insider information refers to knowledge about the financial status of a company that is obtained before the public obtains it, and which is usually known only by corporate officials or other insiders. The use of insider information in the purchase and sale of stock violates federal securities law.

Insider trading entails the purchase and sale of corporate shares by officers, directors, and stockholders who own more than 10 percent of the stock of a corporation listed on a national exchange (any association that provides facilities for the purchase and sale of securities, such as the New York Stock Exchange). Insider reports detailing such transactions must be submitted monthly to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


n. someone who has a position in a business or stock brokerage, which allows him/her privy to confidential information (such as future changes in management, upcoming profit and loss reports, secret sales figures, and merger negotiations) which will affect the value of stocks or bonds. While there is nothing wrong with being an insider, use of the confidential information unavailable to the investing public in order to profit through sale or purchase of stocks or bonds is unethical and a crime under the Securities and Exchange Act. (See: insider trading)

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For ease of exposition, our discussion focuses on open market insider purchases.
This paper examines the relation between underpricing and both subsequent equity issuance and open market insider sales.
The MMI Top 50 can be considered as a proxy for the EMS industry," said John Tuck, editor and publisher of Manufacturing Market Insider.
We show you the best opportunities over the next 5 years and show you exactly how the market works from the perspective of the market insiders, so you can get involved at the earliest stages and keep ahead of your competition.
Although the company and its lead managers are tight-lipped on the issue size and offer price, market insiders indicated that the price range may be 700-900 baisas, which include a premium of 600-800 baisas per share for a 100 baisa-share.
Speculative investors are returning to gold as they find no other place to park their funds against the backdrop of persistently low interest rates in industrialized countries, market insiders said.
Although the Chesterfield has significant historic meaning for the town, market insiders like Martin Nirschel, an agent with Sotheby's International Realty, say the hotel is unlikely to fly off the market.
has plans to layoff 5% of its total workforce, according to market insiders.
The Americanization of Kahlo, who openly expressed her distaste for her northern neighbors and was staunchly aligned with Communist revolutionaries, was cited by some market insiders as the sign of a continuing trend of filmmakers to color their art in tastes palpable to the dominant U.
But market insiders claimed yesterday that they would be "extremely surprised'' had Virt-X boss Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter and Liffe chief Williamson not met to discuss whether a tie-up was possible.
Market insiders immediately pinpointed Germany's Preussag, which already owns a controlling stake in Thomas Cook, as the most likely candidate.
Market insiders said most of the contracts were concluded by commodity futures companies for trading on their own accounts.