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The rise in the demand for market surveillance systems in the last few years has been driven by the impact of regulations, episodes such as the recent Benchmark Manipulations (Libor, FX and commodities), and incidents such as the London Whale, the Celent report noted.
Comprehensive Solution -- designed by market experts, OneTick Market Surveillance is a complete out-of-the-box solution including pre-coded compliance rules, parameterized alert thresholds, email notification, alert monitors and visual dashboards and market data.
Streamlined procedures for the notification of dangerous products, and synergies between the existing Rapid Alert Information system (RAPEX) and the Information and Communication System for Market Surveillance (ICSMS).
With unique visibility into every trade and innovative analytics capabilities, the Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution includes a highly customizable and interactive dashboard, which enables users to dig deep into events, collaborate instantly to find the root cause of problems, and react immediately to mitigate their risk.
By focusing on three key components of market surveillance - detection, prevention and deterrence - Mizen explains that brokers can gain real-time and historical analysis and oversight to detect anomalies; controls and processes to prevent errant order flow from reaching the markets by applying broker-owned risk controls; and real-time monitoring, control and, acting as deterrents, heavy penalties.
allowing market surveillance authorities and customs to pool resources and expertise and to apply SME-
Users of Quantum5's Market Surveillance Engine also have the ability to implement several user management and data control options.
This overall strategy has three basic elements: improved auction mechanisms, enhanced market surveillance, and active supply management.
The Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring Accelerator provides such constituencies as regulators, exchanges/MTFs, and trading firms with a sophisticated platform that addresses their unique needs, with the power to adjust to different scenarios as market requirements and regulations require.
Objective: The objective of EEPLIANT 2014 (Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 2014) is to help deliver the intended economic and environmental benefits of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC and the Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EU by strengthening market surveillance and increasing compliance with the Directives and the relevant implementing measures.
NASDAQ TotalView data will help Quantum5's Market Surveillance Engine to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate measurement of execution performance available in the markets today," said William O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Market Data Distribution for NASDAQ.