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Caching may also dampen market volatility, as dealers owning cached inventory are effectively long optionality- creating a more heterogeneous mix of participant objectives," says Robert Hedges, a financial markets product strategy consultant at Hedges Associates and author of the article Corporate Bond Market Liquidity -- The Way Ahead.
N600 billion was the market liquidity for last week Thursday.
The authors have upgraded the outlook on Kuwait from Neutral to Positive for the remainder of 2012 due to positive economic factors, increased earnings growth potential and a pick up in market liquidity.
Aleri Market Liquidity Analysis engine (MLA) - consolidates and analyzes multiple order book feeds from individual exchanges to provide a powerful tool for trading in fragmented markets.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing the far- ranging economic impact of insufficient real estate market liquidity and severe asset-value deflation, National Realty Committee today called on President-elect Clinton and Congress to take steps to halt the downward spiral that continues to undermine the health of America's real estate.
Market liquidity plays an important role in financial markets -- affecting not only pricing, but also market anomalies.
The new platform provides the Exchange with enhanced functionality and flexibility with its revolving implied and sophisticated strategies designed to improve market liquidity, resilience and performance.
We expect the resulting increase in transaction speed at significantly lower cost to lead to greater trading volumes and a positive impact on market liquidity and transparency.