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Contents of interaction between the market participants, in the essence, represent the system of relations and mechanisms of their regulation.
Determining who are market participants is another principle that could be difficult to apply, and although FAS 157 is not yet effective, auditors and valuation experts have started to look to the market participant guidance in FAS 157 on current transactions as if FAS 157 is effective.
Company D buys a manufacturer that sells to the same customers as it does and must value the acquired customer relationships based on what a market participant, who potentially could have no involvement with those customers, would pay for them.
The NYISO initiated discussions with market participants on an automated and integrated credit management system at an October 18, 2007 technical conference.
In this regard, it is important to ensure that financial market participants have the ability to terminate or close out and net financial market contracts and to realize on collateral pledged in connection with these contracts.
Market participants and regulators should support efforts, such as The Bond Market Association's effort to enhance the value of its Emergency Subcommittee, that would provide a source of real-time information on the functioning of the government securities clearance and settlement system and offer a potential sounding board for actions being contemplated by market participants, the Federal Reserve, the SEC, the U.
Market participants in a business ecosystem must understand the pertinent events happening in their environment--introduction of new competitors, technology, regulations, shifting demographics and expectations--develop action plans and implement those actions.
Green, "The Bond Market Association has worked tirelessly over the years to create and implement a well-functioning foundation which has enormously benefited issuers, investors and all market participants.
It is evident from these evaluations that market participants appear to be increasingly discounting the earnings from seats on the NYSE itself relative to the earnings of the stocks that trade on it.
Pressure from ECNs, electronic trading and market participants will force the U.
APX provides technology, strategic consulting, and expert operational services to assist wholesale power market participants reduce costs and improve performance in power scheduling, settlement, market operations, and demand response programs.
This process sets up a new dynamic in which financial market participants are continually looking for and offering new ways to unbundle and reconfigure components of financial instruments.