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This way, choice of process of interaction between the market participants on condition that no <<violence>> measures of coordinating his activity were applied to the participant from the side of other market participant, shall be reasoned namely by the accumulation of ideas, corrected by the existing resources and possibilities which are followed when performing activity at this or that market.
It may be prohibited from doing so, however, if a hypothetical market participant (for example, the most efficient widget-maker) would be able to operate the plant at a higher capacity and with greater efficiency, resulting in a fair value that is in excess of Company C's carrying amount.
The financial integrity of the wholesale electricity markets administered by the NYISO requires the credit-worthiness of all market participants.
Enactment of these provisions would reduce uncertainty for market participants as to the disposition of their financial market contracts if one of the parties becomes insolvent.
The Bank of Russia believes that this document will help professional market participants to improve their good practices and will be used as the basis for further development of the corresponding national standards.
In the event of a temporary reduction in clearing bank processing capacity, the following should occur: (1) market participants should explore changes to the settlement cycle for U.
Now it is the strategic imperative for market participants in the evolving insurance business ecosystem.
Indeed, as the capital markets continue to grow and diversify, market participants are confronting an array of issues both short and long-term.
It is evident from these evaluations that market participants appear to be increasingly discounting the earnings from seats on the NYSE itself relative to the earnings of the stocks that trade on it.
Pressure from ECNs, electronic trading and market participants will force the U.