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3] concentration and mass flux obtained experimentally using a non-parametric one-way analysis of variance (Kruskal-Wallis test) with a sample of 24 experimental measurements taken at different sensor positions.
They found perfect separation at the lower end of the tested mass flux (80 kg/[m.
To reconstruct such a test in our simulation software we also measured the particle size distribution and the mass flux [[phi].
For R452B, Kedzierski and Kang found that at a mass flux of 100 kg/[m.
Depicted in Figure 20 are the real-time algorithm soot mass flux readings updated once per second and averaged over the duration of individual sensor cycles.
We then derived the zonally integrated meridional mass flux above a specific isentropic surface [[THETA].
Wet mass flux is the collected weight per unit length of seashore per unit time (hr).
2 (the lowest) and the highest inlet mass flux among the test conditions for each header.
Average evaporation coefficient for a tube diameter of 8 mm and an evaporation temperature of 267 K Mass flux (Kg/ 80 180 280 380 480 [m.
Das et al [3] considered the mass transfer effects on flow past an impulsively started infinite isothermal vertical plate with uniform mass flux.
06), homogeneous frozen models would overestimate the critical mass flux as much as 20%, which may cause instability and discontinues results in current numerical modeling.
In general mass flux, heat flux, inlet quality and saturation temperature and pressure are the major factors which affect evaporative heat transfer in all heat exchanger.