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MATE. The second officer on board of a merchant ship or vessel.
     2. He has the right to sue in the admiralty as a common mariner for wages. 1. Pet. Adm. Dee. 246.
     3. When, on the death of the master, the mate assumes the command, he succeeds to the rights and duties of the principal officer. 1 Sumn. 157; 3 Mason, 161; 4 Mason, 196; See 7 Conn. 239; 4 Mason, 641 4 Wash. C. C. 838.

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During this period, drivers can use the service roads on both sides of Al Matar Street to move between the D-Ring Road and C-Ring Road, and to reach the neighbouring local roads, as shown in the attached map.
Al Wahda talisman Ismail Matar has suffered a fracture to his left leg following a tackle from Shabab Al Ahli Dubai's Khamis Ismail, coach Laurentiu Reghecampf confirmed.
Hisham Matar goes on to study in the United Kingdom and become a successful novelist.
Matar was shot dead by Israeli police on March 13 at Jerusalemae1/4aos Old Cityae1/4aos Lions Gate and his corpse has been held since.
They make 17 years [in jail] in total," Matar tweeted after the verdict.
Ibrahim Matar and Houssam Matar, two other suspects in the case, admitted to what amounted to be similar circumstances, confessing that they had worked with Khalaf and sold guns and military boots to armed groups.
Al Matar, who covers her full body, head and face in the conservative Saudi style of dress, was on her way home on July
In The Return, Libyan novelist Hisham Matar (In the Country of Men) tells the harrowing story of his search for his father, Jaballa Matar.
The Dow Chemical Company has announced the appointment of Fadi Matar as its Public and Government Affairs director for India, Middle East, Africa and Turkey (IMEAT).
In British Captives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 15631760, the esteemed scholar Nabil Matar attempts to give an account of British captives in North Africa from the Elizabethan period to the Seven Years' War.
Mona Matar said that too often some families concentrate on nationality, rather than their daughter finding a good man who would be suited to them.
Bahrain: An exhibition by Bahraini visual artist Waheeda Malullah opened at the Bin Matar House in Muharraq.