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The company will also work to apply this technology to a variety of matching problems as part of Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai, Fujitsu's approach to artificial intelligence.
DA algorithm [12] is attempting to solve a two-sided matching problem by accepting best choices and refusing the others repectively.
We consider here the so-called permutation pattern matching problem (also sometimes referred to as the pattern involvement problem): Given two permutations [sigma] of size k and [pi] of size n, the problem is to decide whether [sigma] [?
In particular, they mapped the structural controllability of a directed network into the maximum matching problem as Lemma 6 mentioned below and pointed out that the unmatched nodes are needed to control to achieve full control of the entire network.
Given F (z) [not equal to] 0 and G(z), the feedforward model matching problem is solvable if the one-form [p.
To see how it is related to the maximum weighted matching problem, first note that [[omega].
6 A fast hybrid algorithm approach for the exact string matching problem via Berry Ravindran and Alpha skip search algorithms
In which an argument with religious fundamentalists inspires an elegant expected number of trials exercise based on a generalisation of the matching problem.
We call the fact that a mix of proficiency level is desired and learning styles should be considered for optimal knowledge exchange, but actually friendship and similar proficiency levels are matched the Peer Matching Problem.
That is why it is crucial to think about potential demand in tackling this kind of matching problem.
Comparing with other subgraph matching algorithms, VF2 is superior in solving the subgraph matching problem of graphs [10].