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Although the original concept of matching theory is simple, its implementation is not easy, because matching two or more banks with the same multidimensional characteristics is difficult, especially when the dimensions are large.
Keywords: Matching theory, response class, covariation, extinction, functional communication training, developmental disabilities, problem behavior.
Although the present study represented another test of matching theory, the primary goal was to test the predictions of linear system theory.
On the contrary, a behavioral perspective based on behavioral momentum and matching theory represents a powerful framework for clinical interventions deriving from an understanding of how the value of rewards derives from a larger context than immediate response-reinforcer contingencies.
Okun Professor of Economics at Yale University, will keynote the event with a lecture on the global skills gap and matching theory titled, "Rise of the Phoenix: Future of the Global Labor Market, Matching Talent with Opportunity.
Some specific topics are connectivity, planarity, Hamiltonian paths and cycles, matching theory, digraphs, networks, and adaptive network structures for data/text pattern recognition theory.
In Turkey, we have very strong market design and matching theory experts who can establish a competitive system for university entrance exams.