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MATE. The second officer on board of a merchant ship or vessel.
     2. He has the right to sue in the admiralty as a common mariner for wages. 1. Pet. Adm. Dee. 246.
     3. When, on the death of the master, the mate assumes the command, he succeeds to the rights and duties of the principal officer. 1 Sumn. 157; 3 Mason, 161; 4 Mason, 196; See 7 Conn. 239; 4 Mason, 641 4 Wash. C. C. 838.

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In questo complesso ed esplosivo panorama sociale perveniva al Comandante della Stazione dei Carabinieri di Tricarico, in data 13 settembre 1948, una informativa della Prefettura di Matera che chiedeva di procedere contro i responsabili di alcune gravi irregolarita amministrative; tale informativa era fondata su due dichiarazioni di cittadini tricaricesi: la prima rilasciata dal Sig.
Matera was schooled in the backrow's dark arts by Salvi at Leicester in 2013, admitting the Australian flanker revolutionised his loose-forward play.
He was happy in Matera, he said, but if only Turkey didn't have so many problems.
Recently, the relations between Iran and Italy have improved compared with the past and certain important and famous Italian companies are active in Iran at present," Matera told FNA on Sunday.
The most important of these is that increased attention to the Sassi as unfit for human habitation was motivated by: international currents of ideological change that promoted new ideas and expectations about modern lifestyles; postwar initiatives to modernize Matera that were, in many respects, a continuation of Fascist plans and interventions formulated and enacted in the 1920s and 1930s; and postwar action to transform the Sassi that was a form of domestic colonization by which the national government sought to modernize the peasant society of the Italian south, and transform its inhabitants into Italian citizens, by dictating politically sanctioned lifestyles.
The mayor of Matera said the city was committed to defending human rights around the world, including in China, the paper reported.
It is headquartered in Rome and has offices in Milan and centres in Naples and Matera.
VOLLEYBALL: Lynne Beattie helped Cedat 85 San Vito record only their second win in the Italian League as they cruised to a 25-13 25-15 25-20 success over Matera.
GSA has also been granted a waiver for construction contracts awarded by its Public Buildings Service, according to a memo from Al Matera, director of the office of acquisition policy.
Matera, situated on the edge of a deep limestone ravine, was the main location for Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ.
Sex, marriage, parenthood and other steps on the faith journey are approached with an honesty that editor Angelo Matera aptly calls "raw.