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DEPRIVATION, ecclesiastical Punishment. A censure by which a clergyman is deprived of his parsonage, vicarage, or other ecclesiastical promotion or dignity. Vide Ayliffe's Parerg. 206; 1 Bl. Com. 393.

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Other risks related to the infant's milieu and often found in combination with maternal deprivation include nutritional deprivation, maltreatment (Johnson, 2000) and experiences that have been characterised as global deprivation (Rutter and the ERA study team, 1998; Gunnar 2001).
The deficits in the second category do not remit so easily after adoption and appear to be specifically related to maternal deprivation (Ainsworth, 1962; Gunnar, 2001; Beckett et al, 2006).
The pages about the social history of wet-nursing in its relation to maternal deprivation and romantic melancholy are original, but tend to leave the field of rigorous literary criticism.
Rutter maintains that it is only under certain conditions that maternal deprivation has long-term effects.
In this article we seriously consider the proposition that maternal deprivation is the root of all kinds of evil.
In the cases she has encountered, maternal deprivation seemed to go hand in hand with the expressed desire, although the loss of the mother occurred in different ways, she pointed out.
Studies have shown that the effects of maternal deprivation are widespread.

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