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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Contrarily, the average maternal effect somehow remained consistent and higher than the average genetic effects until 2009.
Including additive maternal effect with no maternal environmental effects in model 3 resulted in smaller s2A and h2D compared to those estimated in models 1 and 2.
The particular maternal effect of propagule size, especially egg size: patterns, models, quality of evidence and interpretations.
Furthermore, I examine the role of maternal effects and resource availability on GxE for seed germination observed in natural environments.
Our study thus demonstrates that maternal effects can have a previously unrecognized role in influencing species interactions within communities, and that we should consider these maternal effects when predicting the ecological and evolutionary consequences of changing species distributions,
In essence, this design treats the maternal effect as a composite of all maternal traits that influence a particular trait in the offspring (Cheverud 1984; Cheverud and Moore 1994).
The performance of the calf is therefore probably influenced by maternal effects for a longer period, and the age of one year can be (in some cases) considered as the effective age of weaning.
Analysis of variance results showing the effects of maternal effect (ME) and mating type (MT) on survival during the larval stage.
Maternal effect (general reciprocal) is the effect of maternal genotype or tissue on a trait in its offspring, whereas nonmaternal effect (specific reciprocal) is the effect of extranuclear genetic factors or interaction between nuclear and plasma genes (Kang et al.

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