Mathematical evidence

MATHEMATICAL EVIDENCE. That evidence which is established by a demonstration. It is used in contradistinction to moral evidence. (q.v.)

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An inquiry question is open to allow a range of responses to be valid when conclusions are justified with mathematical evidence (Fielding-Wells, 2010).
Other physicists say the idea is interesting but is only as compelling as the supporting mathematical evidence, which is not yet complete.
And later in time in Africa, mathematical evidence comes from the Ishango region of Central Africa, ancient Egypt, North Africa, Ethiopia, West Africa and Central Africa.
The mathematical evidence presented by Speed did not stop the jury from finding Ryan guilty.
Based on concrete mathematical evidence, Cambridge Professor of Mathematical Sciences John D.
The next stage in the project is to provide mathematical evidence of how much force would be needed to keep a stone moving.
However, when teachers introduce students to the ethical consequences of mathematically-based decision-making, students learn to use the most important tool available to create change in their lives and their world: understanding social justice through the lens of mathematical evidence (Mukhopadhuyay & Greer, 2007).
It was issued as a response to the work published by Antonio Lorenzini, an obstinate Aristotelian who had rejected any kind of mathematical evidence to preserve the traditional cosmological worldview.
Maybe he was actually trying to provoke shock, but a reasoned argument (supported by mathematical evidence, no less) and effortless punchlines show that this was no ordinary entertainer.
The IFFHS bases its findings on strict mathematical evidence.
Standard 3 states that "teachers should promote classroom discourse in which students listen to, respond to, and question the teacher and one another; initiate problems and questions; make conjectures and present solutions; try to convince themselves and one another of the validity of particular representations, solutions, conjectures, and answers; and rely on mathematical evidence and argument to determine validity" (p.
Mathematical evidence can be important in professional negligence cases that involve engineering specifications, or product liability disputes in which there is exposure to a toxic agent alleged to have caused an illness or injury.

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