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But that is because of the touchingly mole-like blindness to matters philosophical for which they are known, and which led them to believe Lakatos's conclusion was merely that the teaching of mathematical theorems ought to be more interesting.
Because mathematical theorems are eternal, or "time invariant," he prefers to work with materials that survive on geological time scales.
Earlier this year, Micali, MIT's Oded Goldreich and Avi Wigderson of Hebrew University in Jerusalem took a major step forward by showing that such a scheme works for a large class of mathematical theorems.
Mathematical theorems and proofs are provided for analyzing different kinds of plaintext attacks, small public exponent attacks, lattice attacks, partial key exposure attacks, and modulus attacks.
Like mathematical theorems or architectural plans, they explore the relationship between structure and change, opening up the dance to endless possibility.
In every story in Iagnemma's collection there are references to mathematical theorems or "kingdom, order, species" or theory.
The California Academic Decathlon champions have also overpacked their brains with mathematical theorems and literary quotations, with music scores and art critiques.