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Yet even after learning the mating habits of the various species of birds of paradise and their favourite areas for their special mating dance, the hunters still need extreme patience and skill to catch these birds.
The director, David Yates, has all these videos of me doing different mating dances which were so embarrassing they could end my career.
Muscat grapes infused with orange blossom is the flavor of summer, and Pavan, named after the mating dance of the peacock, is the perfect base for citrusy, thirst-quenching cocktails to be enjoyed poolside or post-Pride parade.
But she puts the moves on Avery, who is terrified of her, as anyone would be who is exposed to the manic mating dance she performs when she gets Avery alone.
At first glance, the pair seem intertwined as if engaging in a mating dance.
Before I arrived, it was difficult to imagine half a million elegant, prehistoric-looking birds flying, gathering, bugling and performing their mating dance.
Those visual signals included a leg-tapping mating dance of the male wolf spiders.
The cut-and-thrust between Anna and Mat in its own way foreshadows the mating dance fringed by brutality that unfolds between Blanche and her brother-in-law, Stanley.
8 ROBERT WILSON, I LA GALIGO (2004) Watching this epic Indonesian-myth-based production, I saw my two divergent worlds together for the first time: the hard, well-lit, rational world of intellect and conceptual analysis that had formed me in the cold, gray metropolis of the American Northeast rapt in an elaborate mating dance with something else close to my core, yet so very different.
NOT a far cry from some of the more interesting sights seen in Wales' pubs and bars on a Saturday night, the peculiar mating dance of the black grouse is something not to be missed.
Tribe's costumes were hilarious, and the mating dance was a hoot (with its echo of Carmen).
At times, and particularly just prior the new and full moons, tarpon can be found daisy chaining--milling around in circles doing what amounts to a mating dance prior to heading offshore to spawn.