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MATRICULA, civil law. A register in which are inscribed the names of persons who become members of an association or society. Dig. 50, 3, 1. In the ancient church there was matricula clericorum, which was a catalogue of the officiating clergy; and matricula pauperum, a list of the poor to be relieved; hence to be entered in the university is to be matriculated.

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Previously, the suit claims, IDs including the Mexican Consular ID (called the matricula consular) and passports from Central American countries were accepted in some parts of Texas.
These alternative forms of identity include the Matricula Consular, cedulas, passports and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.
Check Cashing Acceptable IDs: State-Issued Driver's License/State ID Card, US Passport/Passport Card, Military ID, Green Card, Tribal ID, Mexican Matricula Consular.
Registration systems, such as Mexico's matricula consular, help to ensure that countries know the location of their migrants -- including those who are undocumented -- in a crisis.
Para trabajar en la unidad de cuidados intensivos los enfermeros requieren contar con el primer nivel de calificacion, enfermero profesional, o el segundo nivel de calificacion, licenciada en enfermeria, ademas de la matricula nacional habilitante.
Requerimentos de matricula para o Colegio das Artes no periodo 1796 a 1800.
The same study suggested that more Hispanics would open bank accounts if the matricula consular card was more easily accepted for identification, if banks were flexible in minimum balance expectations, and if remittance rates were reasonably priced.
Illegal immigrants use Matricula Consular Identification cards, which are Mexico-issued identification documents that were legitimized by then-President George W.
According to Ludovic Mencken, in his notes added to the 1739 edition of Georg Adam Struve's Jurisprudentia Romano-Germanica forensis, the status of ordinary advocates at the provincial court of Leipzig derived from the fact that their names appeared by public authority in the matricula (or court register), securing them such privileges as were available.
Em especial, fazia-se necessario cuidar da operacao de matricula dos escravos e de quantos estavam obrigados ao pagamento do censo e maneio, base do lancamento do tributo.
A Mexican Matricula Card or Individual Taxpayer Leasing Identification Number (ITIN) does not constitute valid Government Issued Identification.