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Maturin thus concludes by again calling attention to the fundamental emptiness of Gothic representation, even as he maintains belief in the supernatural all the way to the end of the novel.
Key words: Imbricated thrusts, Maturin sub-basin, Quiriquire, tectonic inversion, tectonosequences.
Another of the recurring themes in the adventures of Aubrey and Maturin is the endless battle between man and the elements which Weir captures brilliantly with a storm-lashed sequence of HMS Surprise battling her way through mountainous seas around Cape Horn.
Titulos como Oscar Wilde, El hombre del clavel verde, o mas recientemente las peliculas Wilde (interpretada por Stephen Fry) y Un hombre sin importancia dirigida por Kuri Krishmamma, con el decano Albert Finney, ponen el acento en la trascendencia de la obra de quien padecio la intolerancia victoriana para morir exiliado en Paris, donde escribio con el seudonimo de Sebastian Melmoth, nombre tomado (como un homenaje) de la novela del tambien irlandes Charles Maturin (1782-1824) Melmoth, el errabundo.
This comparison may seem arbitrary until one notes just how often Maturin attempted to jump upon literary bandwagons, particularly Sydney Owenson's.
In a statement, the company explained that she will succeed Maturin Tchoumi, who has moved to a new role at Roche Finland.
Kevin Lara Lugo, the 16-year-old boy who died from eating foraged food to ward off starvation, lived in Maturin, a once-prosperous oil boomtown in northern Venezuela.
The Captain heads for the Galapagos Islands to replenish supplies while doctor, Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany), tries to minimise the casualties.
Industrial design gets a modern update in Maturin, a bold ceiling fixture.
The Oriental Basin is the second most important province in Venezuela, divided into two sub-basins: the western Guarico and the eastern Maturin extending along the northern side of Orinoco.
Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey and Maturin novels are set in which conflict?
She observes that Maturin provided Rossetti with models of strong-minded heroines trapped in convents, torn between earthly and spiritual love, or suffering from their own as well as others' transgressions, all situations that recur repeatedly throughout her later works.