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During inspiratory phase, mean airway pressure determines the distribution of ventilation and recruitment of collapsed alveoli, and is an important factor for gas exchange.
Mean Airway Pressure (MAP) - The average airway pressure during one complete ventilatory cycle.
Mean airway pressure decreased gradually after 48 hours, whereas amplitude, stroke volume and frequency remained at the initial values.
In H1N1 positive patients, this approach to the initial settings of HFOV was not significantly different when children and adults were compared, although the median mean airway pressures used were similar (28 cm[H.
What promoters of HFV sometimes fail to point out is that mean airway pressure is usually started at about 5 cmH2O higher than during conventional ventilation.
Higher peak and mean airway pressures presumably caused the hypotension requiring treatment noted in that study, with patients receiving the ARS needing more vasopressor (14).
The mean airway pressure must be monitored and the clinical goal should be to keep it as low as possible.

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