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Median activity, median concentration, and mean vector were calculated for each bird from its nightly bearings (as in the control period) to examine the orientation of birds exposed to the two experimental treatments (Table 2).
STEADINESS: Ratio of mean vector wind speed to mean scalar wind speed.
This revealed that Ajali Sandstone has mean vector azimuth of 239[degrees]0 that is in direction of south west, and its variance is 1,472 (Table 4).
5, n = 18 , we calculate the mean vector (centre) of each training sample class:
which we recognize as the sum of squares of normalized scores based on the vector of differences between the subgroup mean vector [[bar.
Among their topics are sequential probability ration test, the point estimation of mean of an exponential population, multivariate normal mean vector estimation, and sequential Bayesian estimation.
In the proposed system, for each letter population, we calculate the mean vector for that population (4), which defines the codeword associated with that letter.