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j](k) are the kth feature in the mean vector of the ith and jth class, respectively, and [gamma]([[mu].
The null hypothesis of mean vector equality associated with the scenarios using aggregate soil loss variables was strongly rejected across all comparisons (Table 4).
The plot of the mean vector [micro]1 (variate wide) based on 5000 simulations is shown in Figure 1.
W1] to equal zero, and adding a vector of random negative values to the mean vector [m.
11, it can be concluded that the model of invariant covariance matrices and mean vectors is not supported.
Before initial contact with an odor plume, crabs tend to walk upstream and cross-stream with no preferred direction (low values of the mean vector length, r) (Fig.
where [Epsilon] has a multivariate normal distribution with mean vector 0 and covariance matrix dD where D is a diagonal matrix whose diagonal elements are the same as the diagonal elements in [Sigma] (and whose off-diagonal elements are zeros).
Common variance-covariance matrices and different mean vectors for each subpopulation were assumed.
x] is the observed sample mean vector (observed values from the quality-control batch), [[mu].
e]), where the notation ~ N(a,b) means that a variable is normally distributed with mean vector a and variance-covariance matrix b.
the expected value of the vector of demand elasticities for each state is equal to the mean vector of elasticities.