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Aberthaw will be able to store up to 200 tonnes of meat and bone meal at its site - enough to keep the plant going for about 66 hours.
Despite the alarming figures, there had been no prosecutions of beef producers for continuing to use meat and bone meal feed, nor of millers and distributors for selling it to farmers.
According to experts, about 300 tons of meat and bone meal were imported to Japan from Britain before 1996, when the European country restricted exports of the feed due to fears of mad cow disease.
UK-sourced beef has been embargoed in France since an outbreak of BSE in the 1990s traced to feeding animals meat and bone meal (MBM) which contained sheep brains and other protein.
A ban would be tougher because we would need to destroy more than a million tonnes of meat and bone meal,'' she said.
OTCBB:AQAS)(FWB:UP4A) announced today that it has received a EUR 2,100,000 order from Animox GmbH to construct a facility that processes waste meat and bone meal products to produce amino acids and peptides.
The aim is not to reverse the ban on inter-species cannibalism or the ban on meat and bone meal for ruminants," EU Health Commissioner Androula Vassiliou recently told the European Parliament.
Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) has been used as an environmentally-friendly fuel at the Aberthaw Cement Works as part of an 18-month trial.
EFSA's Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards has concluded risks of TSE in fishmeal "could arise from the mammalian feed being fed to this fish or through fishmeal contaminated by meat and bone meal (MBM).
The ministry has decided to ban the import and domestic distribution of meat and bone meal (MBM), but will allow continued use of bone ash and bone charcoal products that do not include protein.
He also ordered an examination of the types and amount of meat and bone meal -- a protein feed made from the internal organs, skin and bones of cows -- used at the farm as well as when it was used.
Fears of more disruption in the pigmeat and poultry markets seem increasingly justifiable following Tuesday's surprise decision by the French government to ban the use of meat and bone meal in all animal feed immediately and to seek a similar prohibition throughout the EU.