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Up until eight years ago meat and bone meal was used as an animal feed and fertiliser on farms the length and breadth of Britain.
Meat and bone meal has been banned in cattle feed in France since 1990.
It may also have consumed meat and bone meal which had been imported before 1996, considering the disease's two to eight year latency period.
Fears of more disruption in the pigmeat and poultry markets seem increasingly justifiable following Tuesday's surprise decision by the French government to ban the use of meat and bone meal in all animal feed immediately and to seek a similar prohibition throughout the EU.
the allegations are that it should have unilaterally discontinued using ruminant meat and bone meal in its cattle feed even prior to the enactment of uniform U.
EXPORTERS of meat and bone meal waste shipping cargoes from the European Union (EU) to non-EU power incinerators do not have to make special declarations to environmental authorities, a European Court of Justice advocate general has recommended.
A cement company has started to burn meat and bone meal instead of fossil fuels at its South Wales plant.
Britain may have approved exports of feather meal that was not approved in Japan in view of conflicting Japanese and British trade data on meat and bone meal (MBM), Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tsutomu Takebe said Thursday.
But he said he didn't run the farm and that the responsibility for using meat and bone meal lay with his son Pat.