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2016): "Research in the Crowdsourcing Age, a Case Study: How Scholars, Companies and Workers Are Using Mechanical Turk, a "Gig Economy" Platform, for Tasks Computers Can't Handle", PewInternet.
Amazon's Mechanical Turk offers a novel approach to data collection from individuals with disabilities by researchers in rehabilitation and related fields.
Helped by several researchers at Stanford, Mechanical Turk workers have also set up a thriving forum, called Dynamo, a virtual union hall where workers brainstorm strategies to press for better pay and conditions.
Evaluating Amazon's Mechanical Turk as a tool for experimental behavioral research.
Because participants did not provide identifying information on the survey and because Mechanical Turk does not reveal the identity of its workers to the requesters, this procedure ensured anonymity.
The workshop also included three presentations of peer-reviewed papers on research on alternatives to Mechanical Turk for crowdsourcing (Haofeng Zhou, Denys Baskov, Matthew Lease), using the crowd for gathering task-oriented dialog learning data (Walter S.
Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk, crowdsourced workers (microworkers) completed groups of tasks to evaluate the question, "Do nutrition-obesity studies with conclusions concordant with popular opinion receive more attention in the scientific community than those that are discordant?
Morris and McDuff have used a script that monitored when they went on Facebook, and then posted a job to Amazon's Mechanical Turk offering $1.
One highly cited example was the attempt to use Mechanical Turk to find the crash site of American entrepreneur and aviator Steve Fossett, who went missing in his plane between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Nevada desert.
The Mechanical Turk was an automated chess-playing machine invented in the late 18th century.
In some cases, this human training is provided by crowdsourcing--rming out evaluations to labor marketplaces such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

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