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The main purpose of this research is to generate optimised feeding and transport systems for more mechanical efficiency.
The parameters that were tuned include the damping coefficients of the valve model, the combined motor and mechanical efficiency, the friction coefficient for the largest leakage path, and the heat transfer coefficient between the compressor and the surroundings.
Using a combination of proven hydrostatic transmission technology with conventional mechanical efficiency, the TECHStar CVT provides the operator with an unsurpassed level of economy and performance through stepless transmission technology.
All-new Ford Explorer SUV offers best-in-class fuel economy with technologically advanced powertrains featuring multiple enhancements to improve mechanical efficiency
Efficient-V improves the internal mechanical efficiency of the engine through a simple power transmission mechanism, while enhancing effectiveness of existing ancillary technologies.
Instead, Function First therapists evaluate the client's mechanical connections by assessing muscle balance, mechanical efficiency, kinesthetic sense, and neuromuscular coordination.
Shell Tivela S has a very low friction co-efficient, which leads to reduced power losses and lower energy consumption when compared to mineral oils, while improving mechanical efficiency and reducing operating temperatures.
We look at this as a unique opportunity to test our products before the European public -- an expansion market for us -- in a manner complimentary to our goal of reducing global pollution through increased mechanical efficiency.
Many of the pitching drills and specific exercises prevented the athlete from achieving optimum mechanical efficiency.
The flowsheet proposed for the property is designed to ensure proper security and mechanical efficiency, and is flexible enough to handle any expected feeds at varying throughputs up to 100 tons of gravel per hour.
com) of Tulsa, Oklahoma (OTCBB:THLT) is announcing from their California branch that the company has agreed to become a major distributor of Frigi-Tech, a halogenated hydrocarbon compound used to improve mechanical efficiency of refrigeration, air conditioning, chiller, heat pump, and hermetically sealed lubrication systems.
Efficient-V uses a breakthrough "short block" design, providing improved mechanical efficiency.

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