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His experience is that more times than not the approach is to work mechanicals and chemicals independently in opposition of each other.
The mechanical aspects of refining, cleaning and screening, and forming affect the same properties through retention, sheet strength, formation, sheet density, sheet porosity, contaminant rejects, etc.
These leading mechanical engineering software vendors will embed, respectively, SOLIDCAM and COPRA MetalBender software into MechanicalSpace.
Bentley's MechanicalSpace is an integration platform, based on MicroStation Modeler, that combines best-of-breed mechanical applications.
Brooks' role will now encompass directing mechanical product development, marketing the MechanicalSpace(TM) line of products, and spear-heading partnerships with other leading software providers.
Peter Brooks, director of mechanical engineering products at Bentley, says, "In these days of fast-paced worldwide competition, mechanical engineers can no longer wait years for improvements to their mission-critical software.
In fact, all things considered, I would wager that mechanical design teams equipped with MicroStation Modeler II are more productive than those equipped with high-end systems.