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The Microsoft Windows Media Format provides digital music fans with the highest quality audio for downloaded or online listening.
These figures reflect the growing popularity of content in the Windows Media Format, and demonstrate that WindowsMedia.
NOMAD II owners can take advantage of their player's reprogrammability by downloading Windows Media Format support at www.
com is offering expanded sample selection in Windows Media Format only.
The Windows Media Format and digital rights management solutions will be incorporated in Voquette's current and future products.
In addition to supporting the Windows Media Format, the SD Memory Card copy protection (CPRM*) can be accessed via the Windows Media Device Manager, which is designed to provide secure transfer of digital media between Windows(R) operating system-based PCs, portable devices and portable memory.
Hisatoshi Taura, President of DigiOn, said: "A vast amount of copyrighted content protected using Windows Media format and Windows Media DRM10 has now been distributed in the PC and internet arena.
the digital entertainment company that created the DivX media format, today announced that it has licensed DivX video technology to TMPG Inc.