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Customers migrate to Accipiter's AdManager for unique technical capabilities not offered by competitive solutions, including real-time inventory forecasting, campaign and creative performance optimization, and the ability to serve ads in all rich media formats, including podcasts, photocasts, blogs, RSS feeds, mobile, in-game, and streaming audio and video.
Accipiter's technology supports and delivers ads in any emerging rich media format, including RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, photocasts, mobile, in-game, and streaming audio and video.
Relying on one media format makes content, device dependent.
With FoneJoy, we provide more security options, no matter what the media format.
By achieving DivX Certification for their device, MobiNote is providing real value for their users by ensuring compatibility with one of the most popular and widely used digital media formats on the market.
Optical media formats were breaking ground 20 years ago, and today users can choose from a wide array of CD and DVD formats to meet their storage requirements.