Medical Examiner

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Medical Examiner

A public official charged with investigating all sudden, suspicious, unexplained, or unnatural deaths within the area of his or her appointed jurisdiction. A medical examiner differs from a Coroner in that a medical examiner is a physician. Medical examiners have replaced coroners in most states and jurisdictions.

Medical examiners determine such things as the positive identification of a corpse, the time of death, whether death occurred at the location where the corpse was found, and the manner and cause of death. They conduct autopsies and other medical tests to determine any or all of the details of death. They often work in conjunction with a legal team, such as a state prosecutor's office, and will testify at trial as to their findings and determinations. In that regard, a medical examiner's testimony is that of an expert witness, subject to cross-examination by counsel or refutation by the testimony of other expert witnesses.

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Judges started laughing when the medical examiner illustrated his point by trying to bite his own shoulder in the witness stand.
The morgue assistant accused medical examiners of neglecting their duties by forcing him to conduct autopsies, according to a letter he sent last week to Health Minister Philippos Patsalis, which were published in the local press.
Development of a national surveillance system of this type would require fulfilling recently identified steps needed to strengthen the competency of national death investigation systems (6), establishment of uniform statewide and interstate standards of operation such as those outlined in the National Association of Medical Examiners accreditation checklist (7), consolidation of smaller offices, regionalization of services, and standardization of staff training.
Davis, in and of himself, is not a medical examiner system," Gunson said.
Then there's the disgraced Texas medical examiner Ralph Erdmann.
Also, in addition to the 8 state medical examiner systems that are organized within health departments, (1) Iowa needs to be added to the list because it was moved from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Public Health in 1999.
As for the bone fragments, a spokesperson for the city's medical examiner told the Associated Press that the office will use a database to try and match the new fragments to any of the 2,749 people who died at the trade center.
The investigator's role in a drowning investigation is crucial to a medical examiner in establishing an accurate cause of death.
However, Kevin Rowland, a homicide investigator for the Oklahoma Medical Examiner, says that when he saw the note on the cell wall it was signed "Tom Linx.
NYC medical examiner Laurie Montgomery is the first to see a pattern.
A Faint Cold Fear' continues the storyline she previously started with medical examiner Sara Linton.
But on the newer crop of medical examiner shows like CSI and its clone CSI: Miami or Crossing Jordan the body of the deceased has a starring (and recurring) role, and over and over again we get a worm's-eye view of the bodies, bringing us up close and personal to every micron of injured flesh and shattered bone.

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