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By compartmentalising medical disorders we may run the risk of losing our ability to recognise and manage conditions that may be causing, result from or exist as co-morbid conditions with the disorders that we are managing.
Studies have failed to show any link between amalgam restorations and any medical disorder,' the association says.
Our theory holds that cerumen accumulation is a medical disorder rather than a natural phenomenon.
News and World Report story on Moderation Management, a program for reducing alcohol consumption among problem drinkers, Gordis sternly warned that "current evidence supports abstinence as the appropriate goal for persons with the medical disorder 'alcohol dependence' (alcoholism).
In fact, Viagra is simply the latest step in the medicalization of nature in this country: our growing tendency to treat any less-than-desirable characteristic as a medical disorder to be eradicated.
A clear and systematic guide for identifying psychological symptoms that may be masking a medical disorder
Mr Justice Weatherup said: "There's no doubt the applicant had the most extraordinary debilitating injury and the most remarkable medical disorder.
Which widespread medical disorder includes grand mal and petit mal forms?
The bench rejected his claim that a long-standing medical disorder, reflux oesophagitis, which causes stomach acid to be belched into the mouth, may have affected the breathalyser reading.
She said her job became very difficult after returning from maternity leave and requested normal office hours to let her care for her son who suffered from a medical disorder.
In all of medicine, this is the only 'disease' that isn't based on a documentable medical disorder.
Nonetheless, the director of the government's National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), Enoch Gordis, wrote a letter to the magazine emphasizing that "persons with the medical disorder 'alcohol dependence'" need to abstain.