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For those residents determined by the facility's interdisciplinary team (IDT) to need restraints based on their medical symptoms, CMS expects that the following probes will be included in the decision process:
Either you are experiencing a range of medical symptoms that haven't been explained or else you have problems with guilt around this isolated incident.
The young man is now living with his family, working, and is capable of dealing with the medical symptoms with guidance received from the nurses and health workers.
All of these factors might be of importance in identifying reasons for the increased rates of medical symptoms in GW veterans, and these exposures differ systematically and nonrandomly between GW veterans and nondeployed referents.
Because it's very common for children with ASD to present other medical symptoms and diagnoses, a primary goal of the ATN is to create a model of comprehensive medical care for children and adolescents with autism, and best practices to be shared with medical practitioners throughout North America and around the world.
Ford said her medical symptoms, which currently require her to use a wheelchair, made her a target of ridicule in school and left her feeling lonely and depressed.
I'd be meeting clinicians grappling with the grey area between criminal actions and medical symptoms.
The parents were accused of factitious disorder by proxy, essentially the fabrication of medical symptoms in order to get attention, sympathy, and financial support.
The researchers will be looking at service dogs' effects on medical symptoms, medication use, social anxiety, relationships, stress levels, and other factors.
Rather than just respond to the medical symptoms, GPs want to be able to signpost that person to services that can support them to get well by tackling the underlying problems.
The frequency of medical symptoms, possibly adverse effects, was statistically indistinguishable across groups.
While the full benefits of hyperbaric therapy have yet to be outlined through testing, patients are experiencing transformative results on a consistent basis, which has given hope to those who are searching for relief from their medical symptoms.

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