Medicine chest

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MEDICINE CHEST. A box containing an assortment of medicines.
     2. The act of congress for the government and regulation of seamen in the merchant service, sect. 8, 1 Story's L. U. S. 106, directs that every ship or vessel, belonging to a citizen or citizens of the United States, of the burthen of one hundred and fifty tons or upwards, navigated by ten or more persons in the whole, and bound on a voyage without the limits of the United States, shall be provided with a chest of medicines, put up by some apothecary of known reputation, and accompanied by directions for administering the same; and the said medicines shall be examined by the same or some other apothecary, once, at least, in every year, and supplied with fresh medicines in the place of such as shall have been used or spoiled; and in default of having such medicine chest so provided, and kept fit for use, the master or commander of such ship or vessel shall provide and pay for all such advice, medicine, or attendance of physicians, as any of the crew shall stand in need of in case of sickness, at every port or place where the ship or vessel may touch or trade at during the voyage, without any deduction from the wages of such sick seaman or mariner.
     3. And by the act to amend the above mentioned act, approved March 2, 1805, 2 Story's Laws U. S. 971, it is provided that all the provisions, regulations, and penalties, which are contained in the eighth section of the act, entitled "An act for the, government and regulation of seamen in the merchants' service," so far as relates to a chest of medicines to be provided for vessels of one hundred and fifty tons burthen and upwards, shall be extended to all merchant vessels of the burthen of seventy-five tons or upwards, navigated with six persons, or more, in the whole, and bound from the United States to any port or ports in the West Indies.

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Every year, pharmaceutical companies add new drugs to the nation's medicine chest.
AMCC challenges residents to take the 5-Step Challenge, by first taking inventory of their prescription and over-the-counter medicine, securing their medicine chest, safely disposing of the unused, unwanted, and expired medicine at an American Medicine Chest Challenge Disposal site or in their home, take their medicine(s) exactly as prescribed, and most importantly, talking to their children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.
There lies a medicine chest of antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, phytonutrients and minerals.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Furniture & Equipment Examination table,Armless chairs, Bench for waiting area, Wheel chair, Foot step, Medicine chest, Dustbin, Stethoscope, Labour table (if needed, Red Bags (as per need etc.
Thursday, February 20 Corbridge Gardening Society, talk, Nature's Medicine Chest, with Professor Elaine Perry, Parish Hall, St Helen's Street, 7.
You're seeing regional chains being picked up; in the last few years you've seen CVS acquire Longs, Walgreens acquire Duane Reade and USA Drug, and CVS acquire Medicine Chest," said Adam Fein, president of the Drug Channels Institute and its parent Pembroke Consulting, a pharmaceutical industry consultancy.
She kept a big medicine chest and every day she would look at the athletes training at her home.
Based on the study, the chimpanzee medicine chest apparently included the following: Antiaris toxicaria leaves (anti-tumor), Cordia abyssinica pith (anti-malarial and anti-bacterial), Ficus capensis (anti-bacterial), Ficus natalensis bark (anti-diarrheal), Ficus urceolaris leaves (de-worming agent), and many more.
We are excited about the level of expertise the FN University will bring to help further develop this process," said chair of the Medicine Chest Task Force, Eldon Okanee.
PRIVATE LABEL IS THE NEW GUEST AT THE DINNER TABLE, in the medicine chest and assisting with home maintenance," says Thorn Blischok, president of consulting and innovation for Chicago-based Information Resources, Inc.