Meeting of Minds

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Meeting of Minds

The mutual agreement and assent of the parties to a contract to its substance and terms.

The "meeting of the minds" that is required to make a contract is not predicated on the subjective purpose or intention of one of the parties that is not brought to the attention of the other party, but it is based on the purpose and intention that has been made known or that, from all the circumstances, should be known.

See: accordance, agreement, mutual understanding, understanding
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Unless there is a meeting of minds in the next few weeks, though, Terry increasingly feels he is being ushered towards the exit door and that he may have said goodbye to the Stamford Bridge fans for good on Sunday.
We had a lot in common so it was a real meeting of minds.
A SATURDAY afternoon surfing off the coast of Northumberland led to a meeting of minds and a new business partnership for Jesmond-based Orange Bus IT.
The National Botanic Garden of Wales and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are looking at ways of working together on future projects after a meeting of minds this week.
MEETING OF MINDS Rhodri Morgan meets Labour peer Lord Richard of Ammanford.
But apparently it was a meeting of minds when these two hooked up for dinner at London's trendy Sicilian restaurant Nonna's Kitchen to celebrate the actor's 60th birthday yesterday.
Everyone gets together and we have a real meeting of minds.
com, comments' There's no meeting of minds between sellers and buyers at the moment and stalemate is the result.
MEETING OF MINDS US Ambassador William Farish meets Rhodri Morgan in Alexandra Gardens.
FIMA is a meeting of minds intent on solving instant messaging issues specific to the financial industry.
Mr Damelin said: "There is mutual respect, some differing opinions and a meeting of minds on many big issues.
MORE than 100 scientists from two continents are sharing a meeting of minds in the region.

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