Meeting of Minds

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Meeting of Minds

The mutual agreement and assent of the parties to a contract to its substance and terms.

The "meeting of the minds" that is required to make a contract is not predicated on the subjective purpose or intention of one of the parties that is not brought to the attention of the other party, but it is based on the purpose and intention that has been made known or that, from all the circumstances, should be known.

See: accordance, agreement, mutual understanding, understanding
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The meeting of minds in Brussels failed the people of Europe, and as we have all got to tighten our belts and make cutbacks, there they are, paying themselves a very high salary, while the rest of us make cuts.
One way to do that is to adapt the format of a popular award-winning TV show, Meeting of Minds, that ran from 1977 to 1981.
I am closing this correspondence because there seems no possibility for a meeting of minds.
Law enforcement agencies and accounting firms worldwide use "A Meeting of Minds," in addition to presenters' notes and handout materials, to educate both the public and private sectors about the prevalence of this problem.
A meeting of minds, however - including the British Horseracing Board's Race Planning Committee, the Levy Board, BBC, Channel 4 and United Racecourses - resulted in the race taking place at Kempton at 2.
At its ultimate intensity, Tourette's offers insight into "the entire, but normally hidden, innder life of the patient," Sacks writes in Neurology and Psychiatry: A Meeting of Minds (1989, Karger, Basel, Switz.
MEETING OF MINDS Enda Kenny, Mark Rutte and Lars Lokke Rasmussen at The Hague yesterday
Contract awarded for A Meeting of Minds Olympic Park Information Centre Environmental Improvement Corporation
His collaboration with Steven Spielberg seems like a natural meeting of minds as he creates the sort of film the seasoned director made 35 years ago.
Now compare notes with England where on December 8 new Preston North End chairman Peter Ridsdale said: "Phil Brown and I have had a meeting of minds.

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