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In 2007, mega star warbler Mariah Carey and queen of disco Gloria Gayner came together in adverse weather conditions to perform a special set at One Mighty Party.
BIG BUSINESS: Paul Entwistle who is running a new venture called Studio Mega Star.
Centrepoint -- the largest non-food retail destination in the Middle East, and home to core retail concepts like Babyshop, Splash, Shoe Mart and Lifestyle, has announced plans to host a special reception for Bollywood mega star Hrithik Roshan to meet some of its valued customers.
ISLAMABAD, August 07, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Bollywood mega star Rekha is planning to bring out a book that deals with her life story.
Not everyone can b e a world-wide mega star like Kylie, even if they are related to her.
Yes, the rumour was rife on the showground yesterday that mega star material girl Madonna was preparing to materialise to, of all things, 'buy a peacock' during today's poultry show.
ASIAN mega star Babbu Maan is returning to the UK after six years - and Birmingham is one of only two cities he's visiting.
Mega star Sharon Cuneta pledged P5 million via Twitter to the foundation, while Union Bank of the Philippines, the Aboitiz group's banking arm, also pledged P25 million.
Summary: The head of the journalist association Ashraf Zaki denied rumors that the Egyptian mega star Adel Iman had died
A STABBING in an alley plunges Marcus Corvinus into the murky world of chariot racing in ancient Rome: the victim is mega star Pegasus who has just switched from the Greens team to lead the Whites, and there's a long list of people who could have a reason for killing the driver.
We went to this party in LA and there wasn't one person in the room that wasn't a mega star.
And she has changed since she was pictured as a kid standing proudly with her mega star dad.