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The man, Ariel Castro, turned out to be a sadistic torturer who imprisoned her in his filthy house for nearly 11 years, subjecting her to unimaginable physical, sexual and mental cruelty.
Reasons for divorce like infidelity, physical and mental cruelty, habitual use of alcohol and drugs and marriages sealed in haste account for less than 1.
He said it's almost like mental cruelty because he expected to find out the verdict at the end of the hearing on Tuesday, yet he was told they will email his lawyer on August 10.
This diminutive pink lady seems an unlikely villain until she reveals a steely resolve to abolish any dissenting point of view, even (and especially, given the gleam in her eyes) if that involves physical torture and mental cruelty.
Seventeen years later, in 1985, the Parliament of Canada amended the Divorce Act further, adding the grounds of physical and mental cruelty, as well as "no-fault.
This breakdown can be proven in three ways: the husband and wife has lived apart for at least one year; one of the parties has committed adultery; or that one of the spouses has treated the other with physical or mental cruelty.
I am now divorcing him for physical and mental cruelty.
My only concern is for the mental cruelty that will be inflicted by the extra time spent sitting in traffic.
But talk to teachers and parents and rather than lauding Walliams and Lucas - they might be more likely to recommend drumming the pair out of the country for widespread mental cruelty.
The mental cruelty of slavery has been evoked in many of the novels I discuss here, most notably, perhaps, in the remarkable passages on the lack of the freedom to love in Morrison's Beloved and in the exploration of slavery's impact on both communal and individual identity in Williams's Dessa Rose.
The job of the host (see the serpent in Genesis 3) is to ensure that sufficient acts of infidelity, betrayal and mental cruelty are committed to cleave the happy couples and entertain us -- one and the same thing really.