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The loss by (name all eligible children) of parental companionship, instruction and guidance, and [his] [her] [their] mental pain and suffering as a result of (decedent's) injury and death.
In fact, the conceptualization of mental pain as a specific ingredient of psychoanalytic process makes this model uniquely suitable as a base to our investigation.
All the while, the physical pain, and now the mental pain as well, have continued.
For example, a section sub-headed "Severe Pain or Suffering" states: "The key statutory phrase in the definition of torture is the statement that acts amount to torture if they cause 'severe physical or mental pain or suffering.
A A"It is great at treating emotional and mental pain and anguish.
The same goes for France, who must now prepare for a third-place match in Paris on Friday when, really, all they want to do is shed the collective tears of mental pain.
Australia won the 1991 final at Twickenham, then England ended their reign as champions in Cape Town four years later before Wilkinson and company struck gold by breaking Wallaby hearts amid scenes of excruciating mental pain for the 2003 host nation.
We try to help them as best we can to heel their wounds but the mental pain never really goes away.
From the most recent insights of neuroscience and infant development research, to the interpretation of dreams, to the nature of mental pain and the dynamics of the Oedipus complex and much more fill this distinguished evaluation of the connections between memory and the unconscious.
Slow-burning mesmerising intensity from the London band named after 17th Century philosopher Anne Conway, a woman wracked by both physical and mental pain as she tried to reconcile the existence of a benevolent God with people's suffering.
And those who suffer from it will try anything to alleviate the physical and mental pain associated with it.