psychiatric hospital

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She similarly sees a young man in a mental institute, alone
had been languishing in the mental institute in Tejpur, Assam for 54 years.
And now I want to go to a theater and shout out the lines, dressed as Patch Adams, until the police take me away to a mental institute.
Three days later, following an 'incident' at the Mary Seacole mental institute he was transferred to the QE Hospial where he died on March 31.
But it turned out that he did have a mental problem and he ended up in a mental institute.
Unfortunately, he is in a mental institute after she framed him for her killing spree.
The Queen's cousin, who spent most of her adult life in a mental institute, was also family.
At 21 he tried to kill himself with furniture polish after a failed love affair, before being taken into a mental institute.